Treat your child with a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party!

minniemouse1stbirthdayWalt Disney’s characters have been entertaining children all over the world for years, and Micky and Minnie Mouse are the stalwart favourites of most.  Baby girls are especially fond of Minnie Mouse, and when your baby girl turns one, she will no doubt be thrilled with a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party.  Party shops everywhere stock fantastic themed party supplies and children will be delighted with the wide variety of items that can really bring the party to life.  Polka dots, Minnie Mouse faces and a jolly pink, black and orange colour scheme add so much to the party – just watch as your baby girl and her little friends giggle excitedly on her very first birthday!  If you have a boy and a girl, combining their parties into one event with a Minnie and Mickey Mouse theme is also a great idea.

Minnie Mouse is a relatively easy theme to deal with as the character is drawn simply, making her easy to copy for party decorations and cakes.  Cake shops are well versed with the character and the most beautiful cakes are available, but if you want to bake your own cake, using pink, black and white layers with pink and black polka dot icing works very well.  Decorate the table with a pink and white polka dot table cloth and lay a black runner across the middle for extra effect.  Minnie Mouse ears are also easy to make – just get a small black Alice band and stick two round, black cardboard discs on it for ears, and stick pink and white polka dot ribbon bowties to the band just between the ears.  Other decorations like Minnie Mouse balloons, wall decals, bunting and other interesting themed items can be obtained from your nearest party shop or from online suppliers.

If inspiration fails you, it is easy to order Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday party supplies online.   As the Walt Disney characters are very popular for parties there is an amazing variety of items available on order.  Just ensure you order your party supplies well ahead of time to ensure that you can send off your invitations in time!

For a first birthday party it is advisable to keep food and snacks child-friendly and to keep it as healthy as possible.  Place chees snacks in Minnie Mouse printed cups, and label bottles of drink with printed labels.  Decorate straws with Minnie Mouse stickers and use printed paper plates for food.  Decorations can also easily be made and there is a wide range of printing templates available online for children to colour in at the party.  Just ensure that there are enough colouring pencils, paint and paintbrushes for everyone – quite possibly the adults may join in too!

Buy printed goody boxes to give party guests when they depart – these can contain Minnie Mouse cupcakes in printed cupcake cups or other treats, a thank you note and some Minnie Mouse balloons – all of these serve as reminders of a fantastic day at your Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party!

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