Throw the best Dr Seuss 1st birthday party ever!

drseuss1stbirthdayIt is easy to get creative with such a versatile theme as there is a variety of characters than be used in the themed items.  Design your own or order special printed Dr Seuss 1st birthday party invitations online or from your party shop – this will get the kids jumping with excitement! Add a collection of silly food ideas, creative decorations and fun games to the mix, and you have the best Dr Seuss party ever!

Creative Dr Seuss food ideas

  • Bake a Lorax cake – use multiple layers of cake in different pastel colours and decorate with frosting or edible pictures
  • Make creative hats (from Cat in the Hat) by pushing a bamboo skewer through a round cardboard disc (the rim of the hat) and the adding two or three marshmallows.  Paint red stripes on the marshmallows or create stripes with paper.
  • Round, white meringues can be decorated with green icing to look like green eggs, or melt white chocolate and create fried egg shaped whites.  Keep some of the chocolate back, and dye it green to make the green egg yolks.
  • Mix a strong solution of red and blue jello, and pour into fish moulds for a red fish blue fish theme.
  • Decorate cupcakes with frosted character faces or edible printed icing.
  • Push ice cream sticks into small yogurt containers and freeze for wonderful frozen yoghurt cups.  Stick a paper disc with printed or painted character faces on the end of the stick.

Easy and fun decorations

If you want to make your own decorations, you will certainly have a lot to work with.  Here are some fun ideas:

  • Make your own paper hats using cardboard wrapped in a tube for the hat and a paper plate for the rim.  Paint with stripes.
  • Hang bunting made of colourful characters stuck onto cardboard and hung on a line.
  • Create sticky labels and stick onto drinks bottles and cups.
  • Use large sheets of paper and paint Dr Seuss characters and items to make wonderful wall decals.

If you are running low on ideas or don’t have much time, it may be easier to order your Dr Seuss 1st birthday party supplies online.  There are many party sites that specialise in the most colourful and imaginative themed party items, and you will no doubt be able to find everything you are looking for to make your party an awesome success!

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