Sesame Street 1st Birthday

Picture of Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party SuppliesSesame Street debut was in 1969, and ever since, it has been a massive hit with children worldwide. Just as popular with parents, as Sesame street provides not only entertainment for children, but is also highly educational. They have survived many generations, and still ever popular today as in the 1960’s.

This makes Sesame street the perfect theme for your child’s first birthday. There are a wide range of decorations and ideas to make the Sesame Street 1st birthday massive hit with children and parents alike. A good place to start when organizing the unforgettable Sesame Street 1st birthday party, would be to choose a specific character or an activity within the Sesame Street franchise to base the party around. This also assists in the buying of decorations, as the market for these goods are sometimes more specific and also helps when choosing a color scheme.

For some excellent ideas on Sesame street 1st birthday, some research on the internet and in magazines is advised, as this provides a good source of ideas as well as where the best place would be to purchase the goods, like balloons, hats, plates and goodie bags just to mention a few. There may be a local store that suits your Sesame street 1st birthday needs or the internet may have some good options where one can purchase goods online, sometimes for a better price than local stores. There are however many party theme stores that cater for children’s parties, and some of them even organize theme parties. This help can be invaluable to parents that both work, and simply don’t have the time to arrange a sesame street first birthday party. There is no shame in asking for help, even if Granny has to lend a hand or two, and I have never seen a granny not willing.

There are a wide range of games and activities that parents can plan for the Sesame Street 1st birthday. Some of the online stores also provide these, but a bit of imagination never goes astray, all children no matter how young always love games, and sesame Street have a few great ones. Most of these games require some creativity and time, like drawing the Big Bird that has to have a beak pinned to it.

The wonderful thing about the Sesame Street 1st birthday theme is that it’s a colorful theme, and kids just love colors. The brighter, the better. And believe me they all like it brighter.

It’s such a great theme and is open to so many ideas, every parent wants their child’s 1st birthday to be a special one, and a Sesame Street 1st birthday is just the way to do that.

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