Planning a Super Mario babies first birthday party?

mario-bro-party-suppliesIt is so exciting when baby turns one year old and most parents (especially first time parents) love to throw a super Mario party for a one year old to celebrate this important milestone.  It should be a special occasion, but there is no need to spend masses of money or go over the top!  Here are some simple guidelines for organising babies’ first birthday party.

•    Small is better:  Even if you want to share this important day with as many people as you know, or hire entertainers and pony rides, it is better to keep it relatively intimate and simple.  1 year olds are still very easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation and they may get upset by strangers and large animals.  It is also very easy for them to get overstimulated by noise and too much activity around them!  So keep it intimate with only a few family members or friends in order to make it an enjoyable event instead of a stressful one.  Invite your guests with customised Super Mario 1st party Invitations from your local party supplies provider or just order them online, and ensure that you plan ahead for the party supplies to arrive on time.

•    Keep it short:  Long first birthday parties are a recipe for disaster for one year olds as they get tired and overwhelmed.  The recommended duration of a party is around one hour, which is about as much excitement a one year old can deal with.

•    Plan around naps:  Nobody wants to be grumpy and tired at their party, and it is essential that you plan your Super Mario babies first birthday party around the nap schedule of your child, and, if possible, the other children.  Liaise with the parents of the children you are inviting and find a time that will suit most.  It is preferable to have the party after nap time!

•    Pick a theme:  Theme parties are always fun and they create great photo opportunities – and if you plan your Super Mario babies’ first birthday party, the possibilities are endless!  You can order decorations, Super Mario cups, printed plates, balloons, Super Mario cupcake holders and many other wonderful Super Mario themed party supplies online.  For extra entertainment you can order a cute, customised Super Mario T-shirt for babies 1st birthday!

•    Child-friendly party snacks:  Ensure that all the snacks at the party are child friendly and stick to healthy options as far as possible. Decorate cupcakes according to the theme with Super Mario cupcake holders, and order Super Mario stickers online and stick these onto ice cream sticks or straws to decorate drinks or snacks like pieces of cheese or marshmallows. Decorate cookies with edible Super Mario stickers for extra effect, and get a Super Mario themed cake!

•    Give goody boxes:  Choose a selection of child friendly sweets or cakes and put these into customised Super Mario Gift Boxes for your guests to take away.  Printed Super Mario thank-you notes can be sent later to thank guests for their presents.

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