Planning a Safari 1st Birthday Party?

safari1stbirthdaypartysuppliesWhen your baby turns one year old, a wonderful milestone has been reached.  Celebrating this milestone with a theme is a colourful and fun way to have a good time with your child, and it presents fantastic photo opportunities.  A safari 1st birthday party can be wonderful as it is an easy theme to work with, and the children will just love all the animals!


A large range of Safari theme party decorations are available from party supplies shops and also to purchase online.  If you do order online you have to plan ahead to ensure your safari party supplies are delivered on time!  Kick off the excitement with your safari 1st birthday invitations from relevant online stores.  Pick a supplier that stocks a ‘Safari Friends’ line which includes a variety of decorations, personalised 1st birthday safari banner, customised wall decals, printed plates, animal balloons and even animal pull-string piñatas!  You can even make the decorations yourself, but this takes time and effort, and most parents with a one-year old don’t have much time (or energy!).  It is, however, easy to order online from your favourite party supplier all the decorations and other supplies you may need to make your safari 1st birthday party a great success!  In addition you can use your child’s stuffed animals as part of the décor, and getting animal masks or face painting is also fun.  Create a bit of extra safari atmosphere with a printed safari table cloth, or use fine fake lawn to create grass for a jungle landscape and arrange plastic animals and printed safari cups around personalised printed paper plates.  The safari friends party hats are a treat and baby will look great in a personalised, 1st safari party T-shirt.  These can also be included in personalised safari goody boxes for the guests, along with other items such a safari themed thank you note, a cupcake in a safari cupcake box, safari cookie kit or lollipops.

1st Birthday party snacks:

The internet is a great source for party food ideas.  Ideally your party snacks should be as healthy as possible, and remember to keep it baby friendly!  To add safari flavour to your cupcakes you can use printed cupcake wrappers or decorate cupcakes with colourful safari animal characters.  Paint animal faces on plain biscuits, or use animal stamps. Bake your own safari cookies and use animal shape cookie cutters.  Decorate lollipops with colourful safari stickers, or stick these onto ice cream sticks and put this into little bowls or cups with pudding or stick them into frosted cupcakes.  Pour fruit juice into jars and label the jars ‘jungle juice’, ‘buffalo berry juice’ or similar animal names.  The cake is very important, and if you are not inclined to baking an animal cake for your safari first birthday party, just order one!  If you want to bake and decorate the cake yourself, it is possible to find a variety of resources and inspiration on the internet or in books from your local library.

Make baby’s party special with a Safari 1st birthday party theme and have fun!

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