Looking for Super Hero first birthday party supplies?

big6superheroTurning one is a milestone in any child’s life, and it is a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.  Super hero parties are usually a hit, and not many kids (or adults!) can resist the fun and fantasy of having a party with their favourite super heroes.   They can let their imaginations run wild and explore the idea of what having superpowers will be like, and dressing up as Superman or Batman or any other superhero can make the fun even more enjoyable.

There are so many possibilities with themed parties and the things you can do to throw the most awesome party ever is endless.  Food can be decorated, guests can be given items associated with their own particular hero, and a great variety of games can be enjoyed.  There are also lots of super hero first birthday party supplies to be found at party shops or online that can make the party even more special.

In order to get party guests excited by the theme, you can make your own or buy super hero party invitations.  Many party-related websites carry beautiful printable invitations or you can design your own.  Online party suppliers also offer attractive and fun party invitations for sale.

For the decorations you can use the pages of superhero comics as wrappers for crisps or popcorn – just fold them into a funnel shape and stick together with tape, and they make a picture perfect container for sweets and chips.  Green rock candy on a stick can be used as kryptonite, and pop bottles or cold drink cups can be made better by sticking superhero stickers over the labels.   It is also a great way of promoting superfoods for superheroes, and putting healthy options such as strawberries, blackberries or other fruits in small paper cups with superhero pictures can convince just about anybody to go for the healthy options at the party!

The things you can do with cupcakes are endless – get printed superhero cupcake holders from your party supplier or decorate your cupcakes with edible labels of superheroes.   Great bunting can be made from superhero comic book pages, and printed helium balloons are always a hit.

At the party you can encourage even more creativity by letting the kids draw their own superhero and then telling everyone about their unique super powers.  Let them make their own superhero masks or cuffs, and ensure that there are plenty of stationery supplies for everyone to use.  Face painting can also add to the fantasy, and it is relatively easy to make superhero capes from crinkle paper or cheap fabric.  And, if you are lost for inspiration, you can contact your local party supplier or find many more superhero first birthday party supplies online!  Items range from super hero invitations, printed paper plates, superhero costumes, napkins, and a wide range of decorations that can add colour and fun to any super hero party.  Have fun with the décor and food, and throw the best superhero party ever!

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