First Birthday Girl

Picture of a First Birthday Girl blowing out her candle.Your little girl is turning one and all you want is for it to be the most memorable day for the first birthday girl. It is a big deal, no matter how you look at it, and parents will spare no expense to make it the best birthday party, yes it will be for the first birthday girl, but will remain in the memories of the parents, family and friends memories for years to come.

When the planning starts, the panic starts. A good place to start would be to choose a theme that best suits you and best fits in with your ideals and lifestyle. Choosing the theme can be tricky, as the supplies that you may want to suit your theme may not be readily available, or even out of stock. Go to your local party shops, have a look around at what is available, and find out if orders can be placed, and how long the orders take. The internet is also a wonderful recourse for finding just the right party supplies, here it is also important to know exactly how long the delivery of goods takes and plan your schedule accordingly. All these are important factors in the planning. A good theme and the corresponding colors can make awesome photos too.  

A lot of the party shops and the party websites that you may come across will also have great ideas on entertainment for the party. The general age group of the children attending the party is an important factor in planning the entertainment. As children within the age group of one to two years may not appreciate a clown, but this may suit the children of an older age better. Games are also a great idea to keep the little ones busy, but also, the games have to be selected and planned according to the age group expected. This can sometimes be the most fun to arrange, as you may have to customize a few games to suit the first birthday girl party. If you have chosen a theme, base the games and entertainment around it, it always makes for a lot of fun. Where you can, get the parents of the other children involved, this makes it fun for all attending.

Sometimes people forget that the girls first birthday is just as important, if not more so than the parents. It’s a big deal and there will be a first birthday girl album at hand a few weeks down the line to prove this. Take in all the sights and sounds of the party, enjoy it, as with most things in life, it goes by so fast. Take some time to be with the first birthday girl, there is nothing worse at the end of the day than wondering if you had spent enough time with her. And most of all have a great day.

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