Find the perfect party in a Barnyard 1st Party in a Box!

sheepThe first birthday of a child is a day that the parents, family and friends want to celebrate.  It means that a great milestone has been reached, and that the child is no longer a baby.  This is the perfect time to get together and celebrate with a Barnyard Party!  Most kids like farm animals, and if you pick your party supplier well you will be able to organise the perfect party in a short space of time.  It is now possible to get a complete collection of everything you need for your party when you order your Barnyard 1st party in a box!

To make your party even more special you may want to have the party at a local farm or petting zoo where the children can interact with farm animals.  Often getting all the party supplies to another venue can be difficult, but if you order a Barnyard 1st party in a box you will have everything you need to set up and decorate for a wonderful party.  Barnyard paper plates, colourful barnyard decorations, balloons, napkins, and other party supplies are all included and it just makes life easier when you can get everything together in one party box.

If you want to get some extra decorations to create a more detailed theme, you can supplement your Barnyard 1st party in a box with a variety of items that include cow shaped jumbo foil balloons or a barnyard balloon bouquet, barnyard cupcake holders, barnyard party hats, colourful printed barnyard cups, and barnyard paper masks.  To decorate the table and to make it look even more spectacular you can add a barnyard centrepiece and perhaps scatter some plastic barnyard animals around the table for extra effect.  To bring a personal touch to the party, personalised barnyard 1st party plates and cups can be used, and barnyard T-shirts will make a great presents to give away to party guests.

The party food should be kept child friendly, but still as healthy as possible, and decorated barnyard yoghurt cups with a decorated spoon should go down a treat.  Create your own barnyard frozen yoghurt by inserting ice cream stick into a creamy yoghurt 6 pack, and then stick barnyard animal stickers onto the sticks before decanting.  Edible printed barnyard frosting stamps always work a treat if you do not have printed cupcake cups.

Create a real barnyard atmosphere with some straw bales, and if you are afraid that the children may be allergic to the grass, you can order props online, such as the barn loft door and hay bale props to make it more authentic.  If you have the party indoors you can make use of barnyard wall decals and a red barn siding backdrop, and for extra fun you can introduce a barnyard piñata, which is always a hit at parties.  When your barnyard party guests are about to leave you can present them with a thoughtful party pack containing fun barnyard items to take home!

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