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princesscrownwandMost little girls like the idea of being a princess, and for your little princess only the best will do.  Show her how special she is by giving her a birthday princess 1st birthday party where she can celebrate being a true princess for a day.  The princess theme is an extremely popular one, and if you run out of ideas for the party, a wide variety of themed items can be purchased online or from your local party supplier.

Invitations should be worthy of a princess and must be glamorous and fun.  Personalise your invitations by taking a picture of your little girl in a princess outfit and create a party invitation with her picture.  It goes without saying that your princess will need a special birthday princess party dress, matching accessories and a tiara for the party, and encouraging her friends to dress up as princesses is also a good idea.  Even moms can join in the fun by dressing up!

Set the tone by decorating the party venue like a princess castle and use pink, silver and white colours.  Use a light pink table cloth and pink paper plates, and place a little plastic tiara on each plate – this should light up some faces!  A lot of princess printable templates are online, and these can be used to create bunting, stickers, labels, wall decorations and a variety of other items.  If you are low on time or energy, just purchase your “Princess Party in a box” pack from your party supplier or from online party suppliers.  Usually these party kits contain just about anything you will need for your birthday princess 1st birthday party – including paper plates, table cloth, princess cups, printed foil balloons, princess cupcake holders and many others.    Make little party hats by making a funnel shape in pink cardboard, staple together, and add a few strands, or one big strand of soft, flowing pink fabric at the pointy end, and staple a soft elastic loop to the bottom party to secure the party hat in place on the head.

Decorate cupcakes with princess edible printed stamps, or ice cupcakes with pink or white icing and decorate with white and pink marshmallows.  Cut sandwiches into small crowns, or bake cookies using a crown shaped cookie cutter, and decorate with pink icing and silver sprinkles.

A great activity is similar to “pin the tail on the donkey” – just print out a large picture of a toad and stick it on the wall at eye level for the little ones, and then get them to kiss the toad.  The one closest to the frog mouth gets a prize!  To thank guests for attending the party, give them a surprise goody bag that may contain several items such as a thank you note, a personalised princess T-shirt, a tiara, cupcake or other child-safe snack, or even a small feather boa, or a princess doll.  These items will serve as a reminder of your great event and keep other princesses occupied long after the party!

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Treat your child with a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party! Thu, 09 Apr 2015 09:43:26 +0000

minniemouse1stbirthdayWalt Disney’s characters have been entertaining children all over the world for years, and Micky and Minnie Mouse are the stalwart favourites of most.  Baby girls are especially fond of Minnie Mouse, and when your baby girl turns one, she will no doubt be thrilled with a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party.  Party shops everywhere stock fantastic themed party supplies and children will be delighted with the wide variety of items that can really bring the party to life.  Polka dots, Minnie Mouse faces and a jolly pink, black and orange colour scheme add so much to the party – just watch as your baby girl and her little friends giggle excitedly on her very first birthday!  If you have a boy and a girl, combining their parties into one event with a Minnie and Mickey Mouse theme is also a great idea.

Minnie Mouse is a relatively easy theme to deal with as the character is drawn simply, making her easy to copy for party decorations and cakes.  Cake shops are well versed with the character and the most beautiful cakes are available, but if you want to bake your own cake, using pink, black and white layers with pink and black polka dot icing works very well.  Decorate the table with a pink and white polka dot table cloth and lay a black runner across the middle for extra effect.  Minnie Mouse ears are also easy to make – just get a small black Alice band and stick two round, black cardboard discs on it for ears, and stick pink and white polka dot ribbon bowties to the band just between the ears.  Other decorations like Minnie Mouse balloons, wall decals, bunting and other interesting themed items can be obtained from your nearest party shop or from online suppliers.

If inspiration fails you, it is easy to order Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday party supplies online.   As the Walt Disney characters are very popular for parties there is an amazing variety of items available on order.  Just ensure you order your party supplies well ahead of time to ensure that you can send off your invitations in time!

For a first birthday party it is advisable to keep food and snacks child-friendly and to keep it as healthy as possible.  Place chees snacks in Minnie Mouse printed cups, and label bottles of drink with printed labels.  Decorate straws with Minnie Mouse stickers and use printed paper plates for food.  Decorations can also easily be made and there is a wide range of printing templates available online for children to colour in at the party.  Just ensure that there are enough colouring pencils, paint and paintbrushes for everyone – quite possibly the adults may join in too!

Buy printed goody boxes to give party guests when they depart – these can contain Minnie Mouse cupcakes in printed cupcake cups or other treats, a thank you note and some Minnie Mouse balloons – all of these serve as reminders of a fantastic day at your Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party!

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Throw the best Dr Seuss 1st birthday party ever! Wed, 08 Apr 2015 08:24:24 +0000

drseuss1stbirthdayIt is easy to get creative with such a versatile theme as there is a variety of characters than be used in the themed items.  Design your own or order special printed Dr Seuss 1st birthday party invitations online or from your party shop – this will get the kids jumping with excitement! Add a collection of silly food ideas, creative decorations and fun games to the mix, and you have the best Dr Seuss party ever!

Creative Dr Seuss food ideas

  • Bake a Lorax cake – use multiple layers of cake in different pastel colours and decorate with frosting or edible pictures
  • Make creative hats (from Cat in the Hat) by pushing a bamboo skewer through a round cardboard disc (the rim of the hat) and the adding two or three marshmallows.  Paint red stripes on the marshmallows or create stripes with paper.
  • Round, white meringues can be decorated with green icing to look like green eggs, or melt white chocolate and create fried egg shaped whites.  Keep some of the chocolate back, and dye it green to make the green egg yolks.
  • Mix a strong solution of red and blue jello, and pour into fish moulds for a red fish blue fish theme.
  • Decorate cupcakes with frosted character faces or edible printed icing.
  • Push ice cream sticks into small yogurt containers and freeze for wonderful frozen yoghurt cups.  Stick a paper disc with printed or painted character faces on the end of the stick.

Easy and fun decorations

If you want to make your own decorations, you will certainly have a lot to work with.  Here are some fun ideas:

  • Make your own paper hats using cardboard wrapped in a tube for the hat and a paper plate for the rim.  Paint with stripes.
  • Hang bunting made of colourful characters stuck onto cardboard and hung on a line.
  • Create sticky labels and stick onto drinks bottles and cups.
  • Use large sheets of paper and paint Dr Seuss characters and items to make wonderful wall decals.

If you are running low on ideas or don’t have much time, it may be easier to order your Dr Seuss 1st birthday party supplies online.  There are many party sites that specialise in the most colourful and imaginative themed party items, and you will no doubt be able to find everything you are looking for to make your party an awesome success!

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Looking for Super Hero first birthday party supplies? Tue, 07 Apr 2015 16:22:01 +0000

big6superheroTurning one is a milestone in any child’s life, and it is a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.  Super hero parties are usually a hit, and not many kids (or adults!) can resist the fun and fantasy of having a party with their favourite super heroes.   They can let their imaginations run wild and explore the idea of what having superpowers will be like, and dressing up as Superman or Batman or any other superhero can make the fun even more enjoyable.

There are so many possibilities with themed parties and the things you can do to throw the most awesome party ever is endless.  Food can be decorated, guests can be given items associated with their own particular hero, and a great variety of games can be enjoyed.  There are also lots of super hero first birthday party supplies to be found at party shops or online that can make the party even more special.

In order to get party guests excited by the theme, you can make your own or buy super hero party invitations.  Many party-related websites carry beautiful printable invitations or you can design your own.  Online party suppliers also offer attractive and fun party invitations for sale.

For the decorations you can use the pages of superhero comics as wrappers for crisps or popcorn – just fold them into a funnel shape and stick together with tape, and they make a picture perfect container for sweets and chips.  Green rock candy on a stick can be used as kryptonite, and pop bottles or cold drink cups can be made better by sticking superhero stickers over the labels.   It is also a great way of promoting superfoods for superheroes, and putting healthy options such as strawberries, blackberries or other fruits in small paper cups with superhero pictures can convince just about anybody to go for the healthy options at the party!

The things you can do with cupcakes are endless – get printed superhero cupcake holders from your party supplier or decorate your cupcakes with edible labels of superheroes.   Great bunting can be made from superhero comic book pages, and printed helium balloons are always a hit.

At the party you can encourage even more creativity by letting the kids draw their own superhero and then telling everyone about their unique super powers.  Let them make their own superhero masks or cuffs, and ensure that there are plenty of stationery supplies for everyone to use.  Face painting can also add to the fantasy, and it is relatively easy to make superhero capes from crinkle paper or cheap fabric.  And, if you are lost for inspiration, you can contact your local party supplier or find many more superhero first birthday party supplies online!  Items range from super hero invitations, printed paper plates, superhero costumes, napkins, and a wide range of decorations that can add colour and fun to any super hero party.  Have fun with the décor and food, and throw the best superhero party ever!

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Delight your child with a fun Despicable Me First Birthday Party! Wed, 25 Mar 2015 11:36:43 +0000

despicableme2Despicable Me has been a huge hit in theatres, and the popularity of the film characters, especially the minions, is constantly evident. Practically everyone has seen the movies, and most children enjoy the move and find its theme fascinating and humorous. If you are planning a first birthday party for your child and looking for a fun theme, you just cannot go wrong with a Despicable Me first birthday party!

Guests have to be invited and to let them know more about the theme you can use printed Despicable Me first birthday party invitation cards. Minions are relatively easy to copy and it should be quite simple to bake or order a suitable cake with a Despicable Me flavour. To create a stronger theme there is a wide variety of things you can make at home or order online to make the party even more fun! If time is scarce and you need to come up with a range of decorations quickly, it is best to order a Despicable Me Party in a box, and this will provide you with all the Despicable Me First birthday party items that you need.

Minion cupcakes are easy to make – all you have to do is to stick half a Twinkie or similar sponge to the top of your cupcake with some white frosting, and then draw the faces with candy eyes and black frosting. It will look even better if your cupcakes are in Despicable Me cupcake holders, and you can complement these with printed Despicable Me printed cups. For an exciting lollipop treat, stick marshmallows on lollipop sticks, and dip them in thin, yellow icing at the top, and blue icing at the bottom. Then draw the faces, braces and eyes with edible ink. These treats are especially suited to the younger children attending your Despicable Me first birthday party.

No party is a party without decorations, and your Despicable Me theme has to be visible everywhere. You can make your decorations at home, or order a Despicable Me first birthday party decorating set online, which includes banners, bunting and backdrops. In addition to this you can make use of Despicable Me balloons, minion napkins, printed plates, party hats, cardboard minion masks, Despicable Me giant wall decals, door covers, and many more.

There are also a lot of activities you can choose from to keep the party exciting and the guests entertained. The clever Despicable Me party game is always fun, and Despicable Me tattoos, paddle ball, minion rings and a Despicable Me piñata can all be used to maximise the fun level!

To make the party an event to remember you can invest in some very special gifts for guests, such as personalised Despicable Me T-shirts, lunch bags or outfits, and also a personalised Despicable Me thank you note. You can also include some treats such as some cupcakes in special Despicable Me printed cupcake holders, and other decorative items.

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Find the perfect party in a Barnyard 1st Party in a Box! Tue, 24 Mar 2015 13:35:56 +0000

sheepThe first birthday of a child is a day that the parents, family and friends want to celebrate.  It means that a great milestone has been reached, and that the child is no longer a baby.  This is the perfect time to get together and celebrate with a Barnyard Party!  Most kids like farm animals, and if you pick your party supplier well you will be able to organise the perfect party in a short space of time.  It is now possible to get a complete collection of everything you need for your party when you order your Barnyard 1st party in a box!

To make your party even more special you may want to have the party at a local farm or petting zoo where the children can interact with farm animals.  Often getting all the party supplies to another venue can be difficult, but if you order a Barnyard 1st party in a box you will have everything you need to set up and decorate for a wonderful party.  Barnyard paper plates, colourful barnyard decorations, balloons, napkins, and other party supplies are all included and it just makes life easier when you can get everything together in one party box.

If you want to get some extra decorations to create a more detailed theme, you can supplement your Barnyard 1st party in a box with a variety of items that include cow shaped jumbo foil balloons or a barnyard balloon bouquet, barnyard cupcake holders, barnyard party hats, colourful printed barnyard cups, and barnyard paper masks.  To decorate the table and to make it look even more spectacular you can add a barnyard centrepiece and perhaps scatter some plastic barnyard animals around the table for extra effect.  To bring a personal touch to the party, personalised barnyard 1st party plates and cups can be used, and barnyard T-shirts will make a great presents to give away to party guests.

The party food should be kept child friendly, but still as healthy as possible, and decorated barnyard yoghurt cups with a decorated spoon should go down a treat.  Create your own barnyard frozen yoghurt by inserting ice cream stick into a creamy yoghurt 6 pack, and then stick barnyard animal stickers onto the sticks before decanting.  Edible printed barnyard frosting stamps always work a treat if you do not have printed cupcake cups.

Create a real barnyard atmosphere with some straw bales, and if you are afraid that the children may be allergic to the grass, you can order props online, such as the barn loft door and hay bale props to make it more authentic.  If you have the party indoors you can make use of barnyard wall decals and a red barn siding backdrop, and for extra fun you can introduce a barnyard piñata, which is always a hit at parties.  When your barnyard party guests are about to leave you can present them with a thoughtful party pack containing fun barnyard items to take home!

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Planning a Super Mario babies first birthday party? Fri, 06 Mar 2015 11:00:04 +0000

mario-bro-party-suppliesIt is so exciting when baby turns one year old and most parents (especially first time parents) love to throw a super Mario party for a one year old to celebrate this important milestone.  It should be a special occasion, but there is no need to spend masses of money or go over the top!  Here are some simple guidelines for organising babies’ first birthday party.

•    Small is better:  Even if you want to share this important day with as many people as you know, or hire entertainers and pony rides, it is better to keep it relatively intimate and simple.  1 year olds are still very easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation and they may get upset by strangers and large animals.  It is also very easy for them to get overstimulated by noise and too much activity around them!  So keep it intimate with only a few family members or friends in order to make it an enjoyable event instead of a stressful one.  Invite your guests with customised Super Mario 1st party Invitations from your local party supplies provider or just order them online, and ensure that you plan ahead for the party supplies to arrive on time.

•    Keep it short:  Long first birthday parties are a recipe for disaster for one year olds as they get tired and overwhelmed.  The recommended duration of a party is around one hour, which is about as much excitement a one year old can deal with.

•    Plan around naps:  Nobody wants to be grumpy and tired at their party, and it is essential that you plan your Super Mario babies first birthday party around the nap schedule of your child, and, if possible, the other children.  Liaise with the parents of the children you are inviting and find a time that will suit most.  It is preferable to have the party after nap time!

•    Pick a theme:  Theme parties are always fun and they create great photo opportunities – and if you plan your Super Mario babies’ first birthday party, the possibilities are endless!  You can order decorations, Super Mario cups, printed plates, balloons, Super Mario cupcake holders and many other wonderful Super Mario themed party supplies online.  For extra entertainment you can order a cute, customised Super Mario T-shirt for babies 1st birthday!

•    Child-friendly party snacks:  Ensure that all the snacks at the party are child friendly and stick to healthy options as far as possible. Decorate cupcakes according to the theme with Super Mario cupcake holders, and order Super Mario stickers online and stick these onto ice cream sticks or straws to decorate drinks or snacks like pieces of cheese or marshmallows. Decorate cookies with edible Super Mario stickers for extra effect, and get a Super Mario themed cake!

•    Give goody boxes:  Choose a selection of child friendly sweets or cakes and put these into customised Super Mario Gift Boxes for your guests to take away.  Printed Super Mario thank-you notes can be sent later to thank guests for their presents.

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Planning a Safari 1st Birthday Party? Thu, 05 Mar 2015 11:30:59 +0000

safari1stbirthdaypartysuppliesWhen your baby turns one year old, a wonderful milestone has been reached.  Celebrating this milestone with a theme is a colourful and fun way to have a good time with your child, and it presents fantastic photo opportunities.  A safari 1st birthday party can be wonderful as it is an easy theme to work with, and the children will just love all the animals!


A large range of Safari theme party decorations are available from party supplies shops and also to purchase online.  If you do order online you have to plan ahead to ensure your safari party supplies are delivered on time!  Kick off the excitement with your safari 1st birthday invitations from relevant online stores.  Pick a supplier that stocks a ‘Safari Friends’ line which includes a variety of decorations, personalised 1st birthday safari banner, customised wall decals, printed plates, animal balloons and even animal pull-string piñatas!  You can even make the decorations yourself, but this takes time and effort, and most parents with a one-year old don’t have much time (or energy!).  It is, however, easy to order online from your favourite party supplier all the decorations and other supplies you may need to make your safari 1st birthday party a great success!  In addition you can use your child’s stuffed animals as part of the décor, and getting animal masks or face painting is also fun.  Create a bit of extra safari atmosphere with a printed safari table cloth, or use fine fake lawn to create grass for a jungle landscape and arrange plastic animals and printed safari cups around personalised printed paper plates.  The safari friends party hats are a treat and baby will look great in a personalised, 1st safari party T-shirt.  These can also be included in personalised safari goody boxes for the guests, along with other items such a safari themed thank you note, a cupcake in a safari cupcake box, safari cookie kit or lollipops.

1st Birthday party snacks:

The internet is a great source for party food ideas.  Ideally your party snacks should be as healthy as possible, and remember to keep it baby friendly!  To add safari flavour to your cupcakes you can use printed cupcake wrappers or decorate cupcakes with colourful safari animal characters.  Paint animal faces on plain biscuits, or use animal stamps. Bake your own safari cookies and use animal shape cookie cutters.  Decorate lollipops with colourful safari stickers, or stick these onto ice cream sticks and put this into little bowls or cups with pudding or stick them into frosted cupcakes.  Pour fruit juice into jars and label the jars ‘jungle juice’, ‘buffalo berry juice’ or similar animal names.  The cake is very important, and if you are not inclined to baking an animal cake for your safari first birthday party, just order one!  If you want to bake and decorate the cake yourself, it is possible to find a variety of resources and inspiration on the internet or in books from your local library.

Make baby’s party special with a Safari 1st birthday party theme and have fun!

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Top Tips for Successful 1st Birthday Parties Sun, 24 Jan 2010 19:24:46 +0000

Picture of Sesame Street First Birthday Party SuppliesArranging 1st birthday parties is not difficult. It is a special occasion in the life of a baby and a parent. You and your child will cherish these precious moments in the future. So, you need to make it really memorable. By seeing the photos of his/her 1st birthday party, your child will definitely feel good. It is wise to capture the moments with your camera so that your little one can cherish the moment in future. You can even select a theme that you like to make the birthday more special. You need to keep in mind certain important things before arranging 1st birthday parties.

Here are some valuable tips for successful 1st birthday parties. You can really find them helpful in organizing a party for your little one.

1.    There are many things that you need to keep in mind. Because your carpet can be damaged over the course of a party, you might consider using a large washable mat. The mat covers the floor and can be washed at the end of the party to keep you from destroying your carpet.

2.    Removing your couch, sofa or divan is a great idea. By doing this, you can protect your upholstery. You can select sturdy and colorful plastic party furniture to use instead.

3.    While arranging your baby’s 1st birthday parties details, you need to keep in mind certain important things. Diaper changing is no more a daunting task. You can buy various types of diapers at the store. Keep hand towels, toilet paper and spare diapers ready for any size child just in case a parent is unprepared for their child.

4.    It is better to arrange a room where you will be can be alone with your baby. Breastfeeding mothers can use these private places to feed their babies.

5.    While you feel good to see your child trying to crawl or walk, there are necessary precautions which need to be taken. You can decorate your house beautifully with balcony gates, stair gates, fireguards and window grills while arranging 1st   birthday parties of any baby to keep all children in attendance safe.

6.    Stow away breakables like photo frames, crystal ware, curios, vases and precious ornaments. These may prove to be dangerous for children. You need to consider this issue while arranging a birthday party.

7.    Children love pets. It is better to keep pets out of their way, as they can cause infection and various diseases. Hygiene and cleanliness are important in a birthday party.

8.    Keep a watch on items like knives, forks, paper napkins, glasses, small objects which can be swallowed and stray balloons as they can cause an accident. It is better to keep these items out of the way of the children.

9.    It is a good idea to keep a first aid box ready, so that you can offer help in an emergency. Keep some wet wipes and packets of paper towels.

10.    You can keep varieties of toys on the floor so that children can play with them.

By following these tips, you can make your all you babies’ 1st  birthday parties successful and memorable.

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First Birthday Girl Sat, 23 Jan 2010 15:46:09 +0000

Picture of a First Birthday Girl blowing out her candle.Your little girl is turning one and all you want is for it to be the most memorable day for the first birthday girl. It is a big deal, no matter how you look at it, and parents will spare no expense to make it the best birthday party, yes it will be for the first birthday girl, but will remain in the memories of the parents, family and friends memories for years to come.

When the planning starts, the panic starts. A good place to start would be to choose a theme that best suits you and best fits in with your ideals and lifestyle. Choosing the theme can be tricky, as the supplies that you may want to suit your theme may not be readily available, or even out of stock. Go to your local party shops, have a look around at what is available, and find out if orders can be placed, and how long the orders take. The internet is also a wonderful recourse for finding just the right party supplies, here it is also important to know exactly how long the delivery of goods takes and plan your schedule accordingly. All these are important factors in the planning. A good theme and the corresponding colors can make awesome photos too.  

A lot of the party shops and the party websites that you may come across will also have great ideas on entertainment for the party. The general age group of the children attending the party is an important factor in planning the entertainment. As children within the age group of one to two years may not appreciate a clown, but this may suit the children of an older age better. Games are also a great idea to keep the little ones busy, but also, the games have to be selected and planned according to the age group expected. This can sometimes be the most fun to arrange, as you may have to customize a few games to suit the first birthday girl party. If you have chosen a theme, base the games and entertainment around it, it always makes for a lot of fun. Where you can, get the parents of the other children involved, this makes it fun for all attending.

Sometimes people forget that the girls first birthday is just as important, if not more so than the parents. It’s a big deal and there will be a first birthday girl album at hand a few weeks down the line to prove this. Take in all the sights and sounds of the party, enjoy it, as with most things in life, it goes by so fast. Take some time to be with the first birthday girl, there is nothing worse at the end of the day than wondering if you had spent enough time with her. And most of all have a great day.

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