Exciting Birthday Princess 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Your Special Little Princess

princesscrownwandMost little girls like the idea of being a princess, and for your little princess only the best will do.  Show her how special she is by giving her a birthday princess 1st birthday party where she can celebrate being a true princess for a day.  The princess theme is an extremely popular one, and if you run out of ideas for the party, a wide variety of themed items can be purchased online or from your local party supplier.

Invitations should be worthy of a princess and must be glamorous and fun.  Personalise your invitations by taking a picture of your little girl in a princess outfit and create a party invitation with her picture.  It goes without saying that your princess will need a special birthday princess party dress, matching accessories and a tiara for the party, and encouraging her friends to dress up as princesses is also a good idea.  Even moms can join in the fun by dressing up!

Set the tone by decorating the party venue like a princess castle and use pink, silver and white colours.  Use a light pink table cloth and pink paper plates, and place a little plastic tiara on each plate – this should light up some faces!  A lot of princess printable templates are online, and these can be used to create bunting, stickers, labels, wall decorations and a variety of other items.  If you are low on time or energy, just purchase your “Princess Party in a box” pack from your party supplier or from online party suppliers.  Usually these party kits contain just about anything you will need for your birthday princess 1st birthday party – including paper plates, table cloth, princess cups, printed foil balloons, princess cupcake holders and many others.    Make little party hats by making a funnel shape in pink cardboard, staple together, and add a few strands, or one big strand of soft, flowing pink fabric at the pointy end, and staple a soft elastic loop to the bottom party to secure the party hat in place on the head.

Decorate cupcakes with princess edible printed stamps, or ice cupcakes with pink or white icing and decorate with white and pink marshmallows.  Cut sandwiches into small crowns, or bake cookies using a crown shaped cookie cutter, and decorate with pink icing and silver sprinkles.

A great activity is similar to “pin the tail on the donkey” – just print out a large picture of a toad and stick it on the wall at eye level for the little ones, and then get them to kiss the toad.  The one closest to the frog mouth gets a prize!  To thank guests for attending the party, give them a surprise goody bag that may contain several items such as a thank you note, a personalised princess T-shirt, a tiara, cupcake or other child-safe snack, or even a small feather boa, or a princess doll.  These items will serve as a reminder of your great event and keep other princesses occupied long after the party!

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