Delight your child with a fun Despicable Me First Birthday Party!

despicableme2Despicable Me has been a huge hit in theatres, and the popularity of the film characters, especially the minions, is constantly evident. Practically everyone has seen the movies, and most children enjoy the move and find its theme fascinating and humorous. If you are planning a first birthday party for your child and looking for a fun theme, you just cannot go wrong with a Despicable Me first birthday party!

Guests have to be invited and to let them know more about the theme you can use printed Despicable Me first birthday party invitation cards. Minions are relatively easy to copy and it should be quite simple to bake or order a suitable cake with a Despicable Me flavour. To create a stronger theme there is a wide variety of things you can make at home or order online to make the party even more fun! If time is scarce and you need to come up with a range of decorations quickly, it is best to order a Despicable Me Party in a box, and this will provide you with all the Despicable Me First birthday party items that you need.

Minion cupcakes are easy to make – all you have to do is to stick half a Twinkie or similar sponge to the top of your cupcake with some white frosting, and then draw the faces with candy eyes and black frosting. It will look even better if your cupcakes are in Despicable Me cupcake holders, and you can complement these with printed Despicable Me printed cups. For an exciting lollipop treat, stick marshmallows on lollipop sticks, and dip them in thin, yellow icing at the top, and blue icing at the bottom. Then draw the faces, braces and eyes with edible ink. These treats are especially suited to the younger children attending your Despicable Me first birthday party.

No party is a party without decorations, and your Despicable Me theme has to be visible everywhere. You can make your decorations at home, or order a Despicable Me first birthday party decorating set online, which includes banners, bunting and backdrops. In addition to this you can make use of Despicable Me balloons, minion napkins, printed plates, party hats, cardboard minion masks, Despicable Me giant wall decals, door covers, and many more.

There are also a lot of activities you can choose from to keep the party exciting and the guests entertained. The clever Despicable Me party game is always fun, and Despicable Me tattoos, paddle ball, minion rings and a Despicable Me piñata can all be used to maximise the fun level!

To make the party an event to remember you can invest in some very special gifts for guests, such as personalised Despicable Me T-shirts, lunch bags or outfits, and also a personalised Despicable Me thank you note. You can also include some treats such as some cupcakes in special Despicable Me printed cupcake holders, and other decorative items.

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