Choosing a Theme for Your Girls First Birthday

picture of a girls 1st birthday party music cdWhen you are planning your girls first birthday there are several ways you can make the day as special as your daughter. Your child’s first birthday is an important milestone and so it should be celebrated with great splendor so as to make it memorable forever. There are several themes you can choose from when planning girls first birthday to properly celebrate this special occasion.


A rainbow theme for your girls first birthday can be a great idea for the special event. A rainbow party generally has colorful decorations. Your invitations should also be inspired by the theme of rainbow. Your daughter can wear a colorful and bright dress to match the theme. You can serve your guests a variety of colorful foods and drinks. A rainbow colored cake can even ordered from your local bakery.

A teddy bear theme is also a good idea for any small child’s birthday. Instead of traditional birthday party hats, you can provide teddy bear hats for the children. You can find these hats which have teddy bear ears or headband with bear ears attached to them at many party supply stores. You can also have the children play games having the children “hunt” for small teddy bears you hide in the party area.

A princess theme or fairy tale theme is also a great idea for girls first birthday. You can find everything from the invitation cards to the finishing touches of favors in princess and fairy tale themes at stores. You can even find items such as magic wands to offer as prizes for games at the party. Decorations with these are also very easy to locate. You can go a step further by dressing up your daughter as a princess or a fairy for the party.

A rubber ducky theme party can also be lots of fun. You can design invitations on your computer to look like a bubble bath. Many stationary and craft stores will sell rubber stamps in the shape of rubber ducks. You can use to decorate your invitations. You can attach a picture of your daughter to the invitations. At the entrance to your party, you can put duck feet print stickers so that your guests know which way to proceed in order to see the cute little birthday girl. At the end of the day you can give away rubber ducks as favors.

Your girls first birthday should be organized in such a grand and unique way so that everyone has fun marking this important occasion. So select the best theme which you find the most suitable and start making the necessary plans now.

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