Exciting Birthday Princess 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Your Special Little Princess

princesscrownwandMost little girls like the idea of being a princess, and for your little princess only the best will do.  Show her how special she is by giving her a birthday princess 1st birthday party where she can celebrate being a true princess for a day.  The princess theme is an extremely popular one, and if you run out of ideas for the party, a wide variety of themed items can be purchased online or from your local party supplier.

Invitations should be worthy of a princess and must be glamorous and fun.  Personalise your invitations by taking a picture of your little girl in a princess outfit and Read the rest of this entry »

Treat your child with a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party!

minniemouse1stbirthdayWalt Disney’s characters have been entertaining children all over the world for years, and Micky and Minnie Mouse are the stalwart favourites of most.  Baby girls are especially fond of Minnie Mouse, and when your baby girl turns one, she will no doubt be thrilled with a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party.  Party shops everywhere stock fantastic themed party supplies and children will be delighted with the wide variety of items that can really bring the party to life.  Polka dots, Minnie Mouse faces and a jolly pink, black and orange colour scheme add so much to the party – just watch as your baby girl and her little friends giggle excitedly on her very first birthday!  If you have a boy and a girl, combining their parties into one event with a Minnie and Mickey Mouse theme is also a great idea. Read the rest of this entry »

Throw the best Dr Seuss 1st birthday party ever!

drseuss1stbirthdayIt is easy to get creative with such a versatile theme as there is a variety of characters than be used in the themed items.  Design your own or order special printed Dr Seuss 1st birthday party invitations online or from your party shop – this will get the kids jumping with excitement! Add a collection of silly food ideas, creative decorations and fun games to the mix, and you have the best Dr Seuss party ever! Read the rest of this entry »

Looking for Super Hero first birthday party supplies?

big6superheroTurning one is a milestone in any child’s life, and it is a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.  Super hero parties are usually a hit, and not many kids (or adults!) can resist the fun and fantasy of having a party with their favourite super heroes.   They can let their imaginations run wild and explore the idea of what having superpowers will be like, and dressing up as Superman or Batman or any other superhero can make the fun even more enjoyable.

There are so many possibilities with themed parties and the things you can do to throw the most awesome party ever is endless.  Read the rest of this entry »

Delight your child with a fun Despicable Me First Birthday Party!

despicableme2Despicable Me has been a huge hit in theatres, and the popularity of the film characters, especially the minions, is constantly evident. Practically everyone has seen the movies, and most children enjoy the move and find its theme fascinating and humorous. If you are planning a first birthday party for your child and looking for a fun theme, you just cannot go wrong with a Despicable Me first birthday party!

Guests have to be invited and to let them know more about the theme you can use printed Despicable Me first birthday party invitation cards. Read the rest of this entry »

Find the perfect party in a Barnyard 1st Party in a Box!

sheepThe first birthday of a child is a day that the parents, family and friends want to celebrate.  It means that a great milestone has been reached, and that the child is no longer a baby.  This is the perfect time to get together and celebrate with a Barnyard Party!  Most kids like farm animals, and if you pick your party supplier well you will be able to organise the perfect party in a short space of time.  It is now possible to get a complete collection of everything you need for your party when you order your Barnyard 1st party in a box! Read the rest of this entry »

Planning a Super Mario babies first birthday party?

mario-bro-party-suppliesIt is so exciting when baby turns one year old and most parents (especially first time parents) love to throw a super Mario party for a one year old to celebrate this important milestone.  It should be a special occasion, but there is no need to spend masses of money or go over the top!  Here are some simple guidelines for organising babies’ first birthday party.

•    Small is better:  Even if you want to share this important day with as many people as you know, or hire entertainers and pony rides, it is better to keep it relatively intimate and simple.  Read the rest of this entry »

Planning a Safari 1st Birthday Party?

safari1stbirthdaypartysuppliesWhen your baby turns one year old, a wonderful milestone has been reached.  Celebrating this milestone with a theme is a colourful and fun way to have a good time with your child, and it presents fantastic photo opportunities.  A safari 1st birthday party can be wonderful as it is an easy theme to work with, and the children will just love all the animals!


A large range of Safari theme party decorations are available from party supplies shops and also to purchase online.  If you do order online you have to plan ahead to ensure your safari party supplies are delivered on time!  Read the rest of this entry »

Top Tips for Successful 1st Birthday Parties

Picture of Sesame Street First Birthday Party SuppliesArranging 1st birthday parties is not difficult. It is a special occasion in the life of a baby and a parent. You and your child will cherish these precious moments in the future. So, you need to make it really memorable. By seeing the photos of his/her 1st birthday party, your child will definitely feel good. It is wise to capture the moments with your camera so that your little one can cherish the moment in future. You can even select a theme that you like to make the birthday more special. You need to keep in mind certain important things before arranging 1st birthday parties. Read the rest of this entry »

First Birthday Girl

Picture of a First Birthday Girl blowing out her candle.Your little girl is turning one and all you want is for it to be the most memorable day for the first birthday girl. It is a big deal, no matter how you look at it, and parents will spare no expense to make it the best birthday party, yes it will be for the first birthday girl, but will remain in the memories of the parents, family and friends memories for years to come.

When the planning starts, the panic starts. A good place to start would be to choose a theme that best suits you and best fits in with your ideals and lifestyle. Choosing the theme can be tricky, as the supplies that you may want to suit your theme may not be readily available, or even out of stock. Go to your local party shops, have a look around at what is available, and find out if orders can be placed, and how long the orders take. The internet is also a wonderful recourse for finding just the right party supplies, here it is also important to know exactly how long the delivery of goods takes and plan your schedule accordingly. All these are important factors in the planning. A good theme and the corresponding colors can make awesome photos too.   Read the rest of this entry »