1st Birthday Party Themes: Innovative Ideas

Picture of Pooh First Birhtday Party SuppliesFinding the 1st birthday party themes is surely an important and fun task. Naturally, your cute baby’s first birthday deserves something special. So, when you are arranging the first birthday party, you will be thinking about making it unique. Finding the right theme for the party is vital.

There are several funny and unusual birthday party ideas that can make your party more enjoyable for all guests. So, if you are ready, let’s take a look at the following themes:

  • One of the most popular 1st birthday party themes is an ABC and 123 Party. To create this theme, you have to use solid primary colored party supplies. Also, you will need sing-along music for the children, building blocks and other things that will create an atmosphere friendly for the children. Finally, you should ask a preschool teacher to lead a circle time and create the right ambience.
  • Another very effective idea for 1st birthday party themes is the Mommy and Baby tea party. For this, you invite only a few people to a traditional tea party to enjoy your baby’s first birthday. Restrict numbers by only inviting special friends.
  • Take me to the Zoo is another very interesting idea. This is suitable where there are older siblings and other children older than one year at the party. One great thing about this is there is a lot of information to learn in this theme, especially for the older children at the party. As the name indicates, for this theme you can just take your children to the zoo with some special friends.
  • Another interesting variation of this very special 1st birthday party themes is to create a Zoo in your house. For this, you may need the help of stuffed animals, solid colored party products and animal posters. Also, you can use paper plates to create masks, and so on.
  • Little children are always fond of Nursery Rhymes. So, you can ask a couple of guests, older children maybe, to dress up like favorite nursery rhyme characters. This will make the birthday party colorful, and fun. To make it even more attractive, you can hang the drawings and posters of the Mother Goose Characters. Also, you can decorate a cake that will look like an open nursery rhyme book.
  • Remember, the more colorful the party is, the more attractive it will be to all the children. So, you can go for a Color Party as well. You can decorate your home with solid and bright color balloons. You should also ask the guests to wear colorful clothes such as red, yellow, blue, etc. You can also give coloring crayons and books as party gifts. To add to the color, you can arrange for a rainbow cake as well.
  • Another popular option among 1st birthday party themes is to use an On the Farm theme by creating a farm in your house with the help of stuffed animals, posters, toys. You can also create animal caps for the guests and sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Also, you can use plastic chicken eggs and the older children can play animal games, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

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  1. 1 monique francis said at 3:30 am on April 1st, 2010:

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    HI Monique

    You can either click on the link below the article or follow this link here First Birthday Party Supplies

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    hiya please can you tell me is their anywere that i can get the number one girl winnie the pooh supplies? as a couple of websites have discountined them thanx

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    You can find winnie the pooh supplies at the website I recommend at the bottom of the article. After following the link you can either search for winnie the pooh supplies, or click on tv and movies section and you’ll see pooh items listed there.

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