1st Birthday Party Invitations

Picture of a first birthday party invitation with safari friends themeThe time has come, the little baby is almost turning 1, where to start, what to do? When you have all the basics sorted, like the venue and the theme of the party, the next step is possibly the most fun, the 1st birthday party invitations. If you are a creative type of person, than this is right up your alley, if you are not too creative, do not fuss, there is help out there for the less creative of us.


There is worldwide growth in the scrapbooking industry, and if you are the parent that is very creative, even already involved in scrapbooking. Then the 1st birthday party invitations are just the outlet you need for you creative juices. There are heaps of scrapbooking shops popping up in malls all over the country and local shopping centers, the best would be to browse these specialist shops and ask the shop attendants for advice. More often than not, these scrapbooking shops run regular workshops there is someone who can assist with the design and purchasing the correct goods. The only flaw there is in making the cards, is that sending them out, may be a bit more difficult than the other options available. But there is still a postal service that works more efficiently than ever…

If you are not too creative and just want a basic template that can be personalized, then there are just as many options available to you. Local printing shops have software that can design your 1st birthday party invitations with a little description of what you want and in the theme that suits the party. And then print it when you are happy with the design, kills two birds with one stone. They also have templates of various themes to choose from that you can customize as you see fit.

If that seems like too much trouble, then your 1st birthday party invitations are just a click away. There are many websites that specialize in templates for all occasions, some are for free, and others you may have to purchase for a minimal amount. These templates can be personalized by you and printed from the comfort of your own home, or even sent via e-mail if that is the easiest way to get it out. And let’s face it, it is the easiest way to do it in this day and age. If you are PowerPoint genius, then use your computer skills to create your own design, pictures are readily available on the internet, search, click and guaranteed, hundreds of options will pop up.

On the 1st birthday party invitations, there needs to be all the correct information, most of the templates have these details on them, ready for you to customize. Get a family member to double check that all the details are correct, just to make sure. And whatever your choice of invitations, do what makes sense and makes life easier for you.

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