Considerations for Planning 1st Birthday Party Decorations

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When 1st birthday party decorations are thought of, for many parents a myriad of things come to mind. You will just have to remember that your decorations should be unique and clean in order to be appealing to your guests and your one year old. Before the 1st birthday party decorations are complete there are few things to bear in mind. This article will tell you how to make your party successful with good 1st birthday party decorations.


1. Try to remove your carpet and if possible opt for a large washable mat. Several children will come as guests to your party and is it extremely likely they will make your carpet dirty. Washable mats will help you to maintain a clean home. Removing your sofa and other furniture will not only help to protect it. It will help open the room for 1st birthday party decorations.

2. Not only is your baby small but there will be children of similar ages at the party. It is a good idea to keep some spare places for changing diapers. Since most of the children will be crawling and walking, you should install essential stair gates, window grills and even fire guards

3. If you are using some decorative items which are fragile, it is essential to keep these out of reach of children. Do not use items for decoration which may cause choking hazards to children. If this were to happen, the party will be ruined not to mention the possibility of facing a serious situation.

4. Stray balloons, plastic materials, knives, glasses, paper napkins, plastic wrappers and any other small objects which can be swallowed should all be kept away from the children to ensure a safe environment. You should also keep a variety of toys for the babies to play with so that if they want to play alone, they can play in safely.

5. When decorate your house make sure you do not overcrowd it with several items. Putting up excess items does not enhance the appearance. Use only as much as is necessary so it will look festive without being overdone. Keep some decorative items loose like balloons so that children can play with them. If you keep them loose you will not have to spoil the decorations when they ask for it.

6. Use balloons, streamers and other decorative items. If possible think of some themes to help buying the right 1st birthday party decorations. This will help to properly decorate the party venue.

If you follow these proper measures when planning 1st birthday party decorations, your party will be successful and your guests will be happy. 

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